Origin and Background
Kanara Saraswat Association had its humble origin in what was then known as “Friends Social Club”, started in the middle of 1911 with a nucleus of only thirteen members. It was just a meeting place of close friends belonging to Chitrapur Saraswat Community and a means of bringing together newcomers to Mumbai from Kanaras in search of lucrative employment. Initially, the group would meet in a hired room in Chunam Lane at Grant Road for the purpose of playing cards and indulging in light social discussions over a cup of tea, A touch of seriousness was introduced into the group by Late Rao Bahadur Shri Shripad Subrao Talmaki. He suggested converting club into an Association for more worthwhile objects of betterment of members. The idea caught on and a Special General Meeting of all members was called on 26th November 1911 at which the draft Rules and Regulations were adopted and the institution renamed as “Kanara Saraswat Association”. The tiny club has now grown into a mighty organization with a membership of nearly five thousand spread across the globe. The launch of Website http://kanarasaraswat.org is our effort to bring our members of Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmins together who are now scattered all over the globe and achieve our objectives enshrined in constitution of KSA.

The main objective of the Association is to provide :

(1) Educational, Medical and Distress Aid to needy persons belonging to community.
(2) To foster a spirit of brotherhood and co-operation among members of the Association
(3) Organize Social Service among all classes and
(4) Provide benefits of the Association to all persons irrespective of community, creed, caste and religion.

The KSA has raised various Corpus Funds from the donations given by well-wishers which are invested
in Banks Fixed Deposit. The interest earned on such investment is distributed to needy persons as per objectives of each Corpus Fund. The 10 % of the aid on Medical Relief Fund and Distress Relief Fund is reserved for the persons belonging to below the poverty line of other community.

Art & Culture
The KSA Kala Vibhag , cultural wing of KSA started by Shri Sadanand Bhatkal, during his presidentship in 1972-73.
This art section periodically arranges Music programmes exhibitions of paintings, puppet show and the like. KSA has been promoting social activities to encourage budding talent. Many successful Chitrapur Saraswat stage artistes can trace their beginnings to participation in KSA Annual Diwali programmes, when Konkani dramas are staged. KSA has produced numerous Konkani Dramas staged all over India to propogate Konkani language

Sangeet Sammelan
The Saraswat Sangeet Sammelan was started by KSA to promote talent in the field Of performing arts. The young and promising musicians are given opportunity to make public appearance. Under the banner of Kala Vibhag many Music, Drama and Dance programmes have been staged from time to time. The first Sangeet Sammelan was held in December 1976 at Santa Cruz and 13 Sangeet Sammelans have been held so far.

With a view to encourage youngsters in sports, the KSA has been organizing and participating in various indoor and outdoor sports. KSA teams have participated Cricket and Table Tennis Tournamentand also organized State level Carrom Tournament in 1982, and state level Table Tennis Tournament was organized in 1999. The Saraswat Cup Cricket Tournament is being organized since 1992 by KSA every year. During Annual Diwali sports, tournaments are held which receive participation from members all over Mumbai.

“Kanara Saraswat” the monthly magazine of the Association is a vital communication link for Chitrapur Saraswats globally. Apart from the publication of news items about the activities of various Saraswat institutions from far and
wide, the magazine also publishes the articles on a wide range of subjects. The magazine has played an important
part in the formation of public opinion on several burning topics on social, economic, educational and cultural subjects. The magazine gives the President an opportunity to pen his thoughts and communicate with the community.

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