Vision & Mission


To help the less privileged in areas of Education, Medical Aid and Distress Relief.

Foster knowledge through training programmes – to promote Health, Sports and Cultural activities.

Encourage our members to share their knowledge and experience on a common platform – the Kanara Saraswat magazine.

Promote the general well-being of the community and foster a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation.

Reserve a part of the income for the needy within and outside the community.

Make a determined effort to inspire our youth, the pillars of tomorrow.

Focus on all-round development, creativity and entrepreneurship within the community.

Expand the membership of the Association by inducting the younger and middle-age group.

Work for the benefit of the community and the general public, strictly in keeping with the guidelines of Government Rules and Regulations, without any political alignment.

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We will work towards enhancing the Corpus to increase our income to benefit the less privileged.

Work in liaison with similar trusts within the Community for a fair and equitable distribution of benefits.

Encourage our members to share their knowledge and experience through contributions to the Kanara Saraswat.

Organise lectures on topics like Health Promotion, General Knowledge, Travel, Economic Development, Entrepreneurship etc.

Assets and facilities to be made available to members as well as the public, at reasonable rates for Social, Educational, Religious, and Tourism purposes without compromising on our self-reliance.

Organise Cultural Programmes periodically in the realm of Music, Dance, Literature, Theatre etc. Also, to organise some programmes commercially to increase the Corpus, with the object of utilising the proceeds to achieve our goals.

Organise sports and competitive activities exclusively for the younger generation and suitable activities for senior citizens.

Make use of advanced technology for faster communication.
Constantly review and innovate our work processes.

Work towards safe-guarding the environment.
Strive to enhance the image of the Kanara Saraswat Association as a Social Institution for the benefit of our community the world over.

Focus exclusively on the benefit of the Trust and its Members, without considering any personal advantage.

ยท Work in accordance with Government Regulations or those of the Statutory Authorities and avoid payment of gratuities to any official in a position of power to get our work done.

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