Candidate Sr No 8

Information is provided by the candidates in their own words

Smt. Prashant Ashwini (nee Kulkarni)

Brief Details

I, Ashwini (daughter of Sharad D Kulkarni of The Orient Homoeopathic Pharmacy, Mumbai), am currently the youngest KSA Committee member, brimming with ideas for a better tomorrow.

I stay in Anandashram, Grant Road, Mumbai, where I am a Committee Member. I have completed my MBA (Finance) and have studied law. I have a rich work experience of 15 years in life insurance industry.

I am actively involved in various KSA activities, including but not limited to, organising/hosting cultural events (anchor of various programs on YouTube), KSA-CSN, membership drive, community welfare, etc. I have been on KSA sub-committees.

During the recent pandemic & subsequent lockdown, I took the initiative to actively reach out to various people (living in Anandashram & outside) by volunteering & organising essential supplies (including medicines) and especially taking care of senior citizens staying alone. My motivation to do more for others – the smile on their happy faces!

I am an active member of Saraswat Mahila Samaj and a Chitrapur Math Grant Road Local Sabha volunteer.

How candidate is planning to contribute to KSA, if elected

I will take the opportunity as a KSA Committee Member to use this platform to reach out to all Amchis and help by bringing all of us together as a Community in these trying times.

I will continue to help in fulfilling KSA’s objectives, as envisioned by our forefathers when creating this beautiful Association. I will continue to increase its outreach to encompass more Amchis.

I will strive to spread KSA’s help/support to our Community members by reaching out to those in need. I will work tirelessly to ensure that the vision and mission of KSA is accomplished.

Cultural activities bind us together as a Community, truly known as Saraswats. The blessings of Devi Saraswati have been abundant on our Amchi Community. I will create more opportunities for nurturing our young & upcoming artists as well as showcasing the talent of established artists through various cultural activities.

I will take up issues/causes to encourage women empowerment through the Legal Cell and KSA-CSN’s WE (ladies) platform. As the youngest member of the KSA Committee, I will bring in new ideas, with the blessings of our respected seniors.

Information is provided by the candidates in their own words