Candidate Sr No 5

Information is provided by the candidates in their own words

Shri Kombrabail Hemant Raghuvir

Brief Details

1. Postgraduate in Chemistry and Management from Mumbai University .

2. Held various Senior Management Positions in various corporate organizations.

3. Was Chairman of the SVC Bank Shareholders’ and Depositors’ Association for almosst 2 decades and Jt. Secretary for almost a decade.

4. Have been associated with various Management Institutes as a visiting faculty for more than two decades. Also been a Corporate Trainer for many years. Was awarded the Asian Edducation Award in September 2020 for Outstanding Leadership in Education..

5. Presently an associate with Tranganization, where we work on building sustainable businesss organizations through consulting and coaching.

6. Served the Managing Committee of the Grant Road Sabha for many years.

7. Presently on the Managing Committee of Balak Vrinda Education Society.

8. Chairman of The Anandashram Coop Housing Society for the last 5 years.

9. Have served on the Managing Committee of the Bombay Management Association – SOBO Chapter.

10. Was a member of the Management Week Committee of the Bombay Management Asssociation.

11. Have written various Blogs on Personal Development and Growth.

12. Conducted a session on Brand Management for members of KSA-CSN in September 2020.

13. Was an active member of the KSA sub-committee which organized the SCR Bhat – Chidanand Nagarkar Centenary celebrations in 2018-19.

How candidate is planning to contribute to KSA, if elected

1. Enabling Amchi Entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses through the KSA-CSN initiative

2. Bringing forth my experience of working in the corporate world and variouus associations for the sustainable growth of KSA.

3. Conduct educational programs for Amchi Entrepreneurs in better management of their businesses.

3. Use my experience in marketing and brand management to build the KSA Brand and increase the patronization of the Halls and Holiday Home.

4. Being of service wherever the committee feels I can add value to the association.

5. Increase the membership to the Association using the experience gained when doing this at the other associations I worked with.

6. My experience of working on various major projects during my work in the business world may enable me to work on any project the KSA undertakes.

7. Increase the programs, through which more members of our community can participate in the KSA.

8. Organize sessions on Personal Development and Growth for the benefit of the members of the community.

9. Initiate and Chanelize Membership surveys, using my expeerience in marketinng research, so that Membership Services could be enhanced.

Information is provided by the candidates in their own words