Candidate Sr No 3

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Shri Kalyanpur Mahesh Dinesh

Brief Details

Actively involved in social activities and KSA activities in particular since childhood, initially as member of Students Subcommittee and then as member of the Managing committee in various capacities. Was Chairman of KSA for over a decade when through his initiative KSA got possession of Bhandardhara plot. He created the first website of KSA and managed it for many years till he left KSA in 2005 to devote time for planning and execution of the Tercentenary commemoration events of Shri Chitrapur Math.

An Engineer with post graduation MBA from Bombay University, with a record in his name scoring 100% in Mathematical & Statistical analysis.

He is an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad of 2012 batch.

After 38 years of active service, starting career as R & D Engineer in manufacturing industry later shifted to Banking and Finance with SVC Bank in various departments.

In November 2020, he retired as a Senior Executive from Tata group.

He is actively involved in the activities of Shri Chitrapur Math as member of Standing committee & President of Grant Road Local Sabha. He is a Trustee of Shree Trust and Shri Datta Mandir, Tardeo and Chairman of Talmakiwadi Co-operative Housing Society Ltd.

How candidate is planning to contribute to KSA, if elected

Utilising knowledge and previous experience in KSA for the benefit of KSA. Based on findings of Census 2001, he drafted Project AMCHIS to document achievements of the community, recording intangible aspects of Chitrapur Saraswat heritage, preserving tangible heritage material relating to the community, creation of Konkani Thesaurus to help the younger generation in learning Konkani,etc. UNESCO had appreciated the project and was keen on getting associated with the project. Would like to propose to the committee to relaunch this project.

Would strive towards increasing active engagement of the members of community with activities of KSA thereby increasing membership of KSA.

Creating mechanism to bring about awareness about the financial assistance provided by KSA so that the needy in the community are reached.

Increasing coordination with fellow Saraswat institutions to organise joint programmes.

When KSA Hall was planned to be constructed, H H Shrimat Anandashram Swamiji was the first donor for the Hall and had advised KSA to make available the Hall at very reasonable rates. If elected would strive to fulfil the assurance given by KSA to Pujya Swamiji of making available the hall at reasonable rates and the community members make use of the Hall for their religious requirements.

Information is provided by the candidates in their own words