Candidate Sr No 1

Information is provided by the candidates in their own words

Shri Amladi Gautam Durgadas

Brief Details

1) Co- Initiator of KSA-CSN (Kanara Saraswat Association-Chitrapur Saraswat Network).

2) Conducted various Business Networking Activities of CSN.

3) Initiated THE CSN Page feature in KSA Magazine.

4) Co-coordinated and participated in 2 KSA karaoke events as Singer and Anchor.

5) Served as Jt. Treasurer of KSA for 1 year.

6) Voluntary Internal Auditor Services to KSA for FY 2019-20.

7) Vice-President of Goregaon Sabha since 2012.

8) Initiated successful participation of Goregaon children / adult sadhakas in Talmakiwadi Geeta Recitation Competition.

9) Conducted “Shubham Karoti” culture class for Sabha children for 5 years.

10) Standing Committee member for 2 terms.

11) Programme Co-ordinator in 2005. Actively participated in Programme co-ordination in 2012 and 2017 during H.H visit to Goregaon.

12) Conceptualised and presented 4 programmes of “Geet Ramayan – Nivadak Moti”

How candidate is planning to contribute to KSA, if elected

A) Facilitate CSN to EXPAND beyond national boundaries.

B) Make CSN a self-supporting, financially independent initiative of KSA.

C) Introduce CSN Blog for regular contributions from members/experts.

D) Increase membership of KSA, Rationalise Members Database with CSN and other sources, Know Your Member initiative.

E) Initiatives to increase scope and reach of KSA cultural programmes with best feasible tie-ups, where needed.

Information is provided by the candidates in their own words